WAGD x TPP - Spectrum Harness

$ 65.00 USD
Type: Accessories
  • Handmade in Hawaii by Whooza Goodog in collaboration with The Public Pet.
  • Colorful nylon straps with PVD Black matte hardware, and black plastic snap closure.
  • XS size - Girth: 3"-18", Approx Weight: 10lbs, 1/2" strap width.
  • S/M size - Girth: 19"-25”, Approx Weight: 20-40lbs, 3/4" strap width.
  • M/L size - Girth: 25"-35”, Approx Weight: 41-80lbs, 1" strap width.

Front and back clip will give you ultimate control for extra strong pullers. The front clip will give you control with dogs that pull by redirecting the forward motion to the side instead. The back clip is beneficial for dogs who do not pull as hard. The back clip can also be used as an attachment point with a dog seatbelt clip.